Our Story

Crystal Cure, Inc. is an all volunteer organization united to help find a cure for breast cancer. Our mission is to create beauty and enjoyment in the lives of women by selling hand beaded jewelry and donating the proceeds to breast cancer research. We are women beading breast cancer - won't you help?







The Women of Crystal Cure

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a committed group of women came together to form a company that could generate funds for breast cancer research. Bound by personal connections to others who have suffered this devastating disease, we found a way to help raise money and awareness.

Our most popular product is the crystal beaded lanyard for women to use at work. The lanyard gives the impression of a beautiful necklace while serving the very practical function of displaying a badge or ID. We also have beaded bracelets and earrings. Home fashion styles are in development and will be available soon.

Crystal Cure has varied product lines to appeal to all tastes and styles. We use only natural stones, Swarovski crystal and sterling silver. Every piece is strung by hand in original designs. Each style is named in honor of a woman affected by breast cancer.

The beading is completed by a varied network of women who come together for beading parties. We create wearable works of art for women and for a cure.

Our Vision

A cure for breast cancer in our life time.



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